Better air quality is expected over the weekend, but with the presence of smoke

Air quality in the U.S. and Canada is improving, but smoke will take time to dissipate


Air quality conditions across much of eastern parts are expected to the U.S. will slowly improve this weekend as the Harmful columns of hundreds of bushfires across Canada move to the south. However, schools in some metropolitan areas will operate remotely on Friday while authorities remain attentive to exposure to pollution.

While the most severe conditions have ended for most of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, air pollutants expected potentially harmful to cities like New York, Philadelphia and Washington Persist until Friday before the areas slowly disappear. In the next few days.

"Smoke from Canada's wildfires continues to be washed away. southward by winds in the United States, resulting in a moderate to unhealthy air quality in parts of the northeastern, Atlantic middle, the Ohio Valley and the Midwest on Fridays. Some are expected improvements this weekend," the National Weather Service said.

Thick clouds of smoke postponed professional sports matches, flights cancelled due to poor visibility; They closed zoos and beaches and forced Many people wear masks outdoors. Climate experts have warned that such events are becoming more frequent due to change human-induced climate.

Wildfire smoke is especially dangerous because it contains tiny particles, or PM2.5, the smallest of pollutants. When inhaled, it can penetrate deep into the lung tissue and enter the bloodstream.

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