Barcelona wins the Women's Champions League

FC Barcelona achieves an incredible victory in the Women's Champions League


Barcelona overcame a 2-0 defeat to beat Wolfsburg by 3-2 in a thrilling Women's Champions League final and erase the Disappointment from last year.

The only blemish on Barcelona's record of victories in recent years seasons was the final of last year's Champions League, when they succumbed to Lyon 3-1 despite prowling the flanks. record and Then he leaves. They became the first football club to win 50 matches of consecutive leagues.

Saturday's final against Wolfsburg in Eindhoven, Netherlands, was a Opportunity for redemption, but losing 2-0 at halftime, it seemed that Barcelona would have to wait at least a year to get their Second trophy in the league. Champions League. It lights up.

Wolfsburg opened the scoring in the third minute when Ewa Pajor stole the ball to Barcelona defender Lucy Bronze and found the back of the net with a powerful shot for his ninth goal in this Champions League, the biggest in the world. tournament. this station

Irene Paredes' header went to scarce centimeters of the spar and Caroline Graham Hansen did not find the bottom of the net when he took advantage of a Leon cross, but it was Wolfsburg who almost Topped.

Legendary forward Alexandra Popp timed her race to perfection when he headed Pajor's pass into the penalty area to equalise a fourth goal record in the final of the Women's Champions League.

It was a display of Barcelona's relentless brilliance when they drew with two goals from Patri Guijarro in quick succession just five minutes after the rest for the delight of Barcelona fans in the crowd.

The victory sealed Barcelona's status as the dominant team in the world. European women's football by lifting its second Champions League title in three years, joining an elite group of just six other teams that have Won the trophy once again. time.

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