Alexandra Ianculescu, the cyclist who switched to adult content to become an Olympian

Alexandra Ianculescu creates adult content to finance her participation in the Olympic Games in Paris


The young cyclist Alexandra Ianculescu has a dream, to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. To do this, he created a profile on a popular adult content platform and with the money raised financed its trip to the Olympic Games.

It all started in the summer of 2022, when the athlete saw how her Followers applauded photos of her in underwear shared on Instagram. "I decided to open this account because I got a lot of likes on my Bikini photos and people suggested I sell them through this popular platform".

"I thought it was a joke and I really didn't want to be seen as someone else. known for selling 'bikini photos.'" But after making money the first month, my life changed completely for the better," he wrote in his networks Social.

It was at the 2018 Olympics that Alexandra Ianculescu faced the best in the world in the 500 m. He managed to stay in the position. 31, without a medal option.

But when she returned from the 2018 Olympics, everything changed for her: he returned to Europe and decided to change disciplines, falling in love with cycling. A difficult sport for which he had to seek financial support. And how do you Made? Share your images through a popular content platform for adults.

Something that he sees on the horizon for the moment as a project for the future but that It's getting closer. Since Alexandra caused a sensation in this Adult content platform At the age of 31, he has already surpassed the mark of the 30,000 subscribers.

"I like to post my photos, my videos... That's why I decided to do a month of Try to decide, over time, what to do."

"And I have to say the results have been amazing. I kept getting Many "likes" in my bikini photos... So I agreed to join this platform," Ianculescu adds on Instagram.

Although like everything, the decision of Alexandra Ianculescu was accompanied by Criticism and negative comments by some users of the network social. Because there are those who question the free decision of the cyclist to join such a platform.

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