Venezuela as Noah's Ark Plan: Putin's escape

Venezuela would be a possible country where Putin could find refuge in case flight from Russia


If Putin were to lose the war in Ukraine, many analysts believe there would be a political earthquake in Russia and that the current Russian president would have to leave the country. And, according to some sources, there is an evacuation plan. elaborated for such a situation.

Abbas Gallyamov suggests Putin could fly to Nicolas' Venezuela Maduro in case of disaster. He told it on Telegram in December 2022. Gallyamov, who worked as a speechwriter in the Kremlin

The reason why Venezuela ranks first in the list of countries where Putin could take refuge is due to the close friendship between the leader Russian and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Gallymov, the source of this information compiled by Newsweek, assures that Putin's latest escape plan (there are others) is unofficially called the "Noah's Ark Plan." In case of flooding, Caracas would be the place to Escaping the flood

Even according to Gallymov's version transmitted by Telegram, Yuri Kurilin, President of Rosneft (oil company belonging to the Russian government), is now the one in charge of implementing the plan of Noah's Ark and ensuring that All the details are ready. Gallymov, in fact, guarantees that Kuririn already he is not president of Rosneft and devotes himself full-time to the escape plan of Putin.

Gallyamov says Yuri Kurilin is the right man to manage the leak Putin: "He has American nationality and good connections. He graduated from Hayward University in California and worked at a high level at BP (British Petroleum)".

The Daily Mail cited as a source of information about him a Telegram channel in the one that disseminates internal information of the Kremlin. And two routes are indicated main outside Russia. The Daily Mail lists Syria as a country that it could harbor Putin if he goes into exile.

Syria is Russia's closest friendly state, and the leader of that dictatorship. Bashar al-Assad, whom Putin helped crucially during the civil war of 2015, awaits you there.

What's wrong with this escape plan? That any flight of Vladimir Putin from Russia to Syria would have to pass through Turkish airspace and Turkey is member of NATO. In this situation, if the Turkish government were to deny Russia the permission for the plane carrying Vladimir Putin to pass through his airspace, the evacuation plan would be seriously compromised.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan would have the last word, making the situation Completely unpredictable. In principle, the Turkish leader favors friendly relations with Russia. Turkey is a very "sui generis" member of the NATO.

If the Syrian plan is not viable, the other escape route is Iran. In that case, no it would cross NATO airspace or land in a country that could have ties to the West.

"It is advantageous for Iran and Turkey to keep the Russian president in reserve. exiled, using it, according to the moment, as a lever or bargaining chip." The information is from the Daily Mail, a Kremlin-linked Telegram channel that He talks about escape plans. '.

Anyway, these are just speculations from the Western media. For that Putin was ousted from power so abruptly as to bring him to power. exile, there would have to be a very heavy defeat in Ukraine or the war would be It would last until it became unacceptable to Russian society.

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