Ukraine prepares an imminent counteroffensive

Ukraine prepares counteroffensive, Russia looks disorganized


Ukraine's defense minister said preparations for a Counteroffensive against Russian forces was almost complete, but not Of course when it would start. Kiev is preparing troops, vehicles and parts of artillery.

Kiev's front lines are full of vehicular movements and Artillery attacks, with regular explosions hitting Russian targets vital in the occupied areas.

His defense minister said preparations were "almost finished" and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the counteroffensive "It will take place," though he declined to give an exact date for its start.

Moscow, meanwhile, is at the end of its year's bar fighting phase. war. After losing Kharkiv and Kherson, he had at least seven months to prepare for the next likely target of the Ukrainian attack: Zaporizhia.

It did, with vast networks of trench defenses visible from space. This recognition of its enormity is not necessarily a compliment in 2023. They're big, yes, but they're also something anyone can Google on. Not good in an era of precise rockets and rapid armor advances.

First, the apparent resignation of the Deputy Minister of Defense in charge of the logistics, Mikhail Mizintsev. The Russian Defense Ministry did not detail its dismissal, simply issued a decree that Aleksey Kuzmenkov would take the charge.

By firing key ministers moments before his army faces the In the run-up to Ukraine's counteroffensive, Moscow is sending a message of dismay.

And then there's the new round of reviews from Evgeny Prigozhin. The head of Mercenaries, Wagner, gave another lengthy interview on Sunday, in which he revealed the scope of the problems faced by its mercenaries.

According to Wagner's boss, his fighters have so little ammunition that it is they may have to withdraw from Bakhmut, the strategically unsecured city importance that they wasted thousands of lives trying to take.

Russia's ammunition supply problems have long been known But suggesting imminent failure just before the counteroffensive seems like an attempt to shift blame.

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