They find more than 100 dead in graves for sacrifice imposed by a religious sect

An extreme fast to find Jesus Christ imposed by a religious sect Causes more than 100 deaths found so far


More details are beginning to emerge about the case in which Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, a pastor in Kenya, encouraged parishioners to "find Jesus Christ" through extreme fasting.

The police reported that the bodies recovered from victims of a Christian leader who allegedly urged them to prolong a fast for days to starvation. The first bodies were found in April, while the authorities investigate the facts and have already captured some. The president of the African country condemned the incident and announced the Establishment of a commission of inquiry.

The leader of the Christian sect has held "spiritual retreats" in the Shakahola forest, in the south of the country, where authorities are still searching for More than 560 missing persons who may be linked to the case.

"I am afraid that we have many graves in this forest and this leads us to conclude that it is a highly organized crime. They are currently being excavated 20 mass graves. The process is far from over," the minister of the war said. Interior of Kenya. Kithur Kindiki.

Some of the victims were also found with signs of strangulation, suffocation and torture. Other bodies coincided with minors, as revealed by chief pathologist Johansen Oduo.

Ezequiel Odero, a well-known television preacher was also linked He was arrested, but released last week after Pay a $9,000 bond.

The preacher was accused of receiving large sums of money, which they allegedly came from Mackenzie's supporters, who according to the Investigation sold their property after receiving an order from the leader of the sect.

The first victims were found in late April, but the Exhumations were suspended for several days due to a series of strong rains that conditioned the work of the authorities.

The government of Kenya imposed on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, a curfew of 30 days left in the ground being excavated after the establishment of several mass graves of people.

A few hours earlier, the Ministry of the Interior had indicated in a message in his Twitter account that the Sakahola farm "has been shut down and declared Crime scene to allow homicide investigators to obtain information about the horrific deaths." Good News, while the Authorities continue to exhume more bodies of victims of the teachings and ideologies of Paul Mackenzie.

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