New Furry Community Sanctioned by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

New laws for the furry community proposed by Ron DeSantis in Florida


Recently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis began making a Series of laws that have continued to generate controversy and now seem to affect to the Furry community, but who exactly are these people?

The first thing to do is to specify that it is a person hairy, as these people are known to like the contents that revolve around or include anthropomorphic animals, which precisely implies a pronounced taste for these animals or beings with human traits and animal traits.

What happens is that, in 2023, as every year, the convention will be held Megaplex, which brings together the people of this community in one place, but already It has released a special statement saying: "Many have expressed their concern about recent changes in Florida law"

"After reviewing Florida SB 1438, it was determined that for legal reasons and For the protection of our attendees, our website and the convention in general, Megaplex 2023 attendees must be 18 years of age at time of registration". said the completed Communiqué.

Known as the "Child Protection Act," Florida's SB 1438 states that "knowingly admitting a child into an entertainment program for adults" can result in up to one year in prison.

Much of the furry community ensures that their attraction to the community and These kinds of events have nothing to do with sexuality, as it has been. demonstrated an investigation carried out by Vox, just as they want to take care of themselves Backs with this decision.

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