Mike Tyson says Jamie Foxx had a stroke

Mike Tyson says he doesn't want Jamie Foxx's current status known


Former boxer Mike Tyson accidentally revealed Jamie Foxx had a stroke cerebral. The athlete went to a podcast, where the state of health of actor Django without Wives.

One of the presenters asked Mike Tyson if he knew what was wrong with Jamie Foxx, to which Tyson replied: "It doesn't feel right, they say he had a stroke", however, the former boxer was automatically corrected assuring "No, I have an idea of what happened to him."

The presenters commented that they were in a restaurant a few months ago and Jamie Foxx came in and looked great, so they were surprised at how much Happened.

Mike Tyson has a good relationship with Jamie, as he was the actor that the former Boxer allowed him to play him in a movie, but it is not known if the Actor will be able to get involved in the project again after his problems Bless you.

"There's a possibility, but we don't know what's going to happen now, but it's still a possibility," Tyson said of the biopic. The conversation continued on Jamie Foxx's current state of health, to which Tyson alone He said, "If we don't know now, it's because they don't want us to know."

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