Latino advocacy group issues travel advisory for Florida

Immigrants Warned and Advised Against Traveling to Florida


One of the leading Hispanic advocacy groups in the United States urges people to avoid traveling to Florida due to new immigration that will take effect in July.

Before the long-awaited announcement of the governor's presidential candidacy Republican Ron DeSantis signed legislation last week requiring Employers with more than 25 employees who verify their immigration status to through a federal database known as E-Verify.

Employers who fail to comply with the law face fines of $1,000 per day until they can prove that their workers have the required documents.

In addition, the law invalidates ID cards from other states, such as driver's licenses, issued to undocumented immigrants and prevents Florida-based agencies issue new ones. This will prevent the Illegal immigrants drive a car in the state.

The immigration bill is one of several bills. controversial issues that DeSantis has recently enacted and that have captured the National Spotlight as He Prepares to Take on Former President Donald Trump and others during the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

LULAC, a civil rights organization dedicated to promoting opportunity For Hispanic Americans, it was founded 94 years ago.

"As a result, for the second time in LULAC's history, we are issuing a travel advisory to anyone traveling to Florida," Garcia said in a statement. Press conference on Wednesday.

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