An engineer discovered that WhatsApp was listening to him while he slept.

The worrying warning issued by Elon Musk about a possible leak of WhatsApp privacy information


WhatsApp, like Meta, has a long history of scandals in which the privacy of its users has been compromised. Without However, the problem reappeared as several people reported a possible unauthorized use of the microphone by WhatsApp.

The situation spread so much that even the company itself had to clarify the subject through a tweet. And according to WhatsApp, in the last hours they have received information about a possible malfunction of the application that It will cause the cell phone microphone to be activated without authorization.

According to the company, this error appears to be caused by the operating system. Android, which assigns information incorrectly in the privacy panel of the system. WhatsApp actually contacted Foad Dabiri, CTO of Twitter, who He was one of many users who reported the bug.

As Dabiri pointed out, while he slept, the device picked up the times he WhatsApp used the microphone of his Pixel 7 Pro phone. Apparently, the application would use the microphone at times when that user is not Using. The phone.

As mentioned, WhatsApp has already communicated with Dabiri and also informed Google to investigate the error and get a solution. Some users They also report that the phone's green indicator lights up indicating what WhatsApp was using the microphone at the time.

Elon Musk himself couldn't help but comment on it, who quoted the tweet from Dabiri stating that "WhatsApp is no longer trustworthy". The current CEO of Twitter also recalled the leak of WhatsApp founders from Meta, contributing significantly to the development of Signal.

Since it was known that Elon Musk would be the new owner of Twitter, the tycoon has multiplied the use of social networks to express their opinion about various issues of global concern.

For now, WhatsApp has not pronounced. However, many users know the behavior of the platform and the measures it implements to Ensure the privacy of users.

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