A Russian soldier surrenders to a Ukrainian drone near Bakhmut

Ukrainian troops sent a message to the defector to follow the device that brought him to his positions


A Russian soldier who surrendered one of his drones was taken prisoner on Tuesday. near Bakhmut, in the eastern region of Donetsk and where the Oldest battles of the Russian invasion. The man managed to evade the fire Russian following the drone through the trenches, which led it to the Ukrainian positions.

According to the Telegram story of the commander of the Drone Division of Assault of the 92nd Brigade, Yuri Ferodrenko, his squad detected a soldier Russian who said he didn't want to be bombed.

"Our team sent him a note asking him to surrender and track down the drone. He accepted even though "his companions" shot him in the back. the commander wrote.

The cross with the hands of the soldier who, terrified, begged not to do so. They will bomb. The note written with marker, placed in a plastic bag and attached to the drone, which Ukrainian troops threw at the soldier. The man who read the note initially refused the order to follow the drone because if He did, he said the drone would kill him. He finally agreed and walked a long walk. Extension of land, between empty trenches and with signs of fatigue.

"Being captured in Ukraine gives you a better chance of survival than serving. in the Russian army," Fedorenko added. As seen in another video uploaded to A man who appeared to be the Russian soldier identified himself as Anyutin Ruslan Nikolayevich. "A drone saved my life today," he told the camera.

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