US soldier arrested after applying for hitman

A U.S. soldier was arrested after running as an assassin in a fake website


A member of the National Guard went to a website to offer his Services as a gunman, claiming to be a good marksman, was suspended and Detained by authorities at request

The 21-year-old was arrested after running for Mercenary on fake assassins' website '', apparently believing that he himself is real and his great 'opportunity' to make easy money using their experience and knowledge.

According to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office - Middle District of Tennessee, it was detailed that a few days later he approached Garcia to offer him $5,000 to kill a person.

The proposal was accepted by Josiah, who even asked if it would be Necessary "a photo of the corpse" after the completion of the work.

Garcia was convinced that he would get the job with military experience and with rifles on the form he filled out, which he had to apply for the job according to court documents filed April 12.

After exchanging messages with undercover agents, Josiah Ernesto drove to a Hendersonville park where he was supposed to meet the victim, who was provided with a photo and details.

His biggest mistake was keeping in touch with the fake website during the following days, where you provided your personal information, license of Tennessee driver, resume and a high-quality photo of himself.

Several members of the police were already waiting there, who arrested the man. Later, during a raid on Garcia's home, a shotgun type AR.

The man, who appeared before a judge, confessed that he was looking for work to Keep your family and your child on the road.

"I am looking for a well-paid job related to my experience. military (shooting and killing marked targets) to be able to support my son in the way," Garcia wrote in a follow-up email.

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