There is a possibility that Messi will return to Barcelona

Possible return of Messi to FC Barcelona or he will play alongside David Beckham


Leo Messi has been an FC Barcelona icon for years. His departure from the club was unthinkable. But it happened. And now there are news that point to a possible return to Barcelona.

The Argentine had to leave Barca in 2021 because the club could not pay him his exorbitant salary, but the feeling that his departure was not a Farewell, it was a see you soon.

Leo Messi signed two years for PSG plus one optional, as long as he played and club reach an agreement and, for now, the Argentine star has not thrown himself to confirm its mandate, pending the 2023/2024 project.

Faced with this situation, comments and information exploded, more or less interested in a possible return of Messi to Barcelona.

Verónica Brunati, an Argentine journalist, was the first to raise the alarm in a tweet posted on October 4, 2022: "On July 1, 2023, Lionel Messi will be a Barça player."

In addition, Rafael Yuste, vice president of FC Barcelona, suggested contacts with Leo Messi, assuring that "the good stories of life must end good." To complete the illusion, Xavi Hernández, coach of FC Barcelona and friend of Messi, spoke of "The last dance" to Michael Jordan.

Another point to keep in mind, in favor of a hypothetical return of Messi, is that in Barcelona he would be the undisputed star of the team, something that in Paris, With Kylian Mbappe and Neymar in the team, it's not so clear.

In addition, the economic situation of FC Barcelona is very delicate. If already in Summer 2022 they had to activate several "levers" (bank loans to change of assets) to sign players like Memphis or De Jong, is done It is difficult to think how the team will be able to afford the cost of Leo Messi's. wage.

We are talking about one of the best footballers in history, so the offers that can still come to Messi, even at 36, are certainly Stratospheric.

One of the offers that Messi has, according to The Times, comes directly from United States, where David Beckham's Inter Miami would have offered him Argentine highest-grossing contract in MLS history.

It was also leaked that Saudi Arabia's Al-Hilal could offer Leo Messi €420 million per season to convince him to leave Europe. The offer smokes the 200 million charged by Cristiano Ronaldo to Al Nassr, rivals of Al-Hilal.

Another option would be for Messi to continue one more year in Paris, where he would pocket 40 million euros net, adding 30 million of his salary and another 10 millions in loyalty bonuses.

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