Sofian Kiyine, has suffered a traffic accident in Belgium.

Soccer player Sofian Kiyine flew through the air in his car and landed in a gym full of young people


OH Leuven's 25-year-old Belgian-Moroccan footballer Sofian Kiyine has been victim of a spectacular traffic accident without serious injuries in the Walloon locality of Flémalle.

The incident took place at 19:30 p.m. on Thursday. when the vehicle in the that the player was traveling crashed at high speed in a roundabout, flew out through the air and crashed into a sports center where the girls were doing sport.

According to local media, the vehicle in which Kiyine was traveling at a speed of around 200 kilometers per hour in a stretch of 90 kilometers. Imagery of the interior of the sports center show the damage caused by the accident and the city's mayor, Sophie Thémont, told DH Sports newspaper that "we were on the verge of disaster."

The OH Leuven club said in a press release on Friday, ensuring that Kiyine's life was not in danger, but that the midfielder He had suffered several fractures. The player was transferred to the Emergencies at the nearest hospital, where more tests are being done to assess your condition.

Fortunately, there were no other vehicles or people involved in the accident and there were no serious injuries. OH Leuven expressed its support and sympathy for Kiyine and his family and asked for respect and confidentiality for them in this Difficult moment.

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