Rumors of Clara Chía, From lover of Pep Guardiola to transsexual

Rumors of Clara Chia, from being a Trans woman to having been unfaithful to Piqué with Pep Guardiola


Fans of Shakira vs. Clara Chia have given rise to the most speculations Surrealist. The videos about his alleged transsexuality and how Piqué funded their 'gender change' multiply on TikTok

For days, rumors have been circulating that Clara Chía was unfaithful to Gerard. Pique with none other than Pep Guardiola, now they go further and question the biological sex of the young woman.

The rumor went viral on digital platforms like TikTok when it was He questioned the 23-year-old's sexuality. Several users claim that Clara is actually a transgender woman. With a lot of detail, The theory that the advertising and public relations student changed his Gender has been gaining ground for several years.

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The comeback comes hours after Shakira released a statement. in her social networks in which, as a mother and not as an artist, she asks that Respect the privacy of your little ones, so they can lead normal lives of America that perhaps not. They have in Barcelona because of the 'continuous siege' of the press.

In addition to the songs with which the singer mercilessly shot the father of His children were subjected to constant harassment in the networks. At an event of Kings League and in front of the microphone, he spoke loudly about the hatred he was receiving from Shakira's fans and how it affected him and his partner, Clara Chía.

"I'll give you the example that happened last year. My ex-partner is Latin American, They don't know what I got on social media from people who are their Fans, but barbarians, thousands! I don't care about anything... because I don't know them Not at all, because they are people who are there, they have no life. How important is it? Do you have to give it? Zero," he said.

They even say that the name of Clara Chía as a man was Esteban and that his alleged sex change, such as "your hormonal process" and "different surgeries", it would have been paid for by Piqué himself. The news surprised the media and social networks, which viralized the speculations that had arisen against The Spaniards, with supposed evidence that would confirm the veracity of the "secret".

The speculation arose from a video posted by user @Cinthya_zar_oficial. In addition, several netizens took advantage of the "opportunity" to launch all kinds of ridicule and comments against the former footballer and his current couple Clara Chía.

"No more reasons to love Shakira", "Now I understand this about the chiaroscuros", "Me waiting for Shakira's new song. Oops, that's scary." "He did not change it for a Casio, he was a cuckoo (with a bird)", "The bite no longer it has pearls, now they are broken", "So it is not a dove, but a falcon?", and "So this is not a Twingo, but a convertible", were Some of the comments that flooded some of the videos played on TikTok.

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