Pentagon reveals video of UFO flying over war zone

Pentagon releases declassified images of a UFO flying over the area of Middle East conflict


The Pentagon has released a video of what appears to be a non-flying object. identified looming over the Middle East.

The footage, captured by a military drone, appears to show a silver spherical object flying rapidly across the sky as it He described it as an active military area.

Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, director of the new Office of Resolution of Pentagon's All Areas of Anomalies (AARO), created to handle all UFO-related issues, revealed at government hearing who doesn't know exactly what the purpose is, especially because of the data flows. and video

"That's pretty much all the data we have about this event. Be almost impossible to fully identify it with this video alone," he explained in his recent presentation on the subject.

According to Kirkpatrick, this incident is not unique. In fact, it's just one of the 650 unidentified anomalous phenomena or sightings of UPA that your new Office is investigating.

Despite the excessive frequency of the events mentioned, the high The official explained that there is no evidence to suggest that they had anything that see with extraterrestrial activity.


"AARO has found no credible evidence to date of activity. extraterrestrial, extraterrestrial technology, or known objects that defy Laws of physics. aircraft, disorder, natural phenomena or other sources easily accessible. "explainable." concluded at the second public meeting Official UFO Officer.

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