NATO eliminates the fear of World War 3 and comments that Ukraine will be in NATO

Ukraine, ever closer to NATO, former Russian president sends a strong message


Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of the Treaty Organization of the North Atlantic, NATO, reiterated that Ukraine will join this bloc Transnational Defense

In addition, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that, in total, the group of allies and partners has so far provided Ukraine with more than $ 55 thousand millions in security assistance. For its part, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russian Foreign Affairs issued a warning about these statements, calling them "dangerous."

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Mededev said today that "the division of Ukraine between Poland and other countries is better than its entry into NATO or a world war."

"The world is sick, it is on the threshold of a new world war. ¿Is inevitable? No, it's not," Medvedev said. He added that a War in the last 30 years, which "came anyway."

"Even though we didn't want to, they imposed a war on us, which is essentially a consequence of the disintegration of the USSR on the one hand, and a hybrid form of civil war as a result of which different parties of the same people collided with each other," said the former president. Emphasized that the military campaign in Ukraine is "a response to endless expansion." of NATO."

The former president warned that potential opponents of Russia should not underestimate it with regard to the use of nuclear weapons, which can be used in case of threat to the existence of the State.

"We are obliged to fight the whole of NATO... It's a very, very And for that we must do everything possible to win this war. I am convinced that all the objectives of the special operation (in Ukraine) will be achieved," he stressed.

"Our adversaries only understand the language of force. They don't want to hear Nothing, they don't want to understand anything but the language of force," he insisted. Medvedev indicated that in Ukraine Russia does not confront the Ukrainian army, but to "the entire Atlantic bloc".

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