Madonna releases music video banned 20 years ago

Strong war footage revealed in controversial Madonna video after 20 years


Madonna finally released the music video for her album "American Life" which was premiered in 2003. The audiovisual work was censored for presenting strong images of war, and at that time the American invasion was looming of Iraq. It's just begun.

Just today, the "Queen of Pop" launched the audiovisual work on her channel YouTube. It lasts five minutes and we see the 20-year-old artist Singing about life in the midst of images of war.

The video shows a catwalk with models parading in military garb. Meanwhile, the "Queen of Pop" sang about life.

Everything seemed very normal, until the casualties of the war began to come out. In the dramatization, we observe how they are beaten and shot. Blood sprouted before the eyes of the onlookers.

"The audience of cocky-looking fashionistas laughed as the violence It continued, even as the bloodied bodies were dragged away without limbs across the stage."

Real images of the war were projected on a giant screen. How part of the show, Madonna was shot backstage in a tank. He was carrying a grenade with which he killed the crowd.

Thus, fashion is presented as a stage to show the cruelty of the war.

Page Six recalled that the original version of the video was released overseas. before the war broke out, but when it came time to launch it in The United States, the fight had already begun.

"Because of the unstable state of the world and out of sensitivity and respect for the Military, to whom I pray and support, I do not want to risk offending anyone who may misinterpret the meaning of this video," Magde told Time.

JNSP reported that the video was already playing in various parts of Europe, but when Madonna began to be called unpatriotic in the U.S. In the U.S., they decided to censor it.

A moment ago the artist shared it on YouTube. Sing the theme of 'America' Life', one of the best sellers of his career. Appears with a picture of her 20 years ago.

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