Jeremy Renner appears in public after terrible domestic accident

After terrible accident, Jeremy Renner appears in front of the camera


Less than four months after being the victim of a terrible accident with a Snowplow at home, American actor Jeremy Renner returns to his public appearances. Renner, 52, reappeared Tuesday for the night in Los Angeles for the red carpet premiere of his new show "Rennervations".

Renner was seen at the event dressed in a blue suit, carrying a cane. black and a big smile on his face. Your family members accompanied at the event, although Renner still seemed shocked by the incident at that time.

The 'Avengers' actor was hit by a snowplow on the day of New Year's Eve when he tried to free a vehicle stuck in his own house after heavy snowfall in the mountain village near Lake Tahoe. Was airlifted to a nearby clinic in Reno, Nevada. There he had to undergo several surgeries.

The Hollywood star said he broke more than 30 bones in the crash and He said his life was in danger, though he admitted the entire accident was his guilt.

Renner's appearance in Los Angeles showed an incredibly successful recovery. fast for the actor. In the series "Renervations", broadcast in the United States by Disney+

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