Iranian President Threatens to Destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa

Ebrahim Raisi, Iran's president, threatens to destroy Tel Aviv and Haifa for any mistakes they make


The Iranian president's speech came the morning after the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called on Iran and its "Forces of Evil" representatives at a memorial service for the victims of the Holocaust in Jerusalem.

"The world has changed, but there are still calls for the destruction of the Jews," Israel's prime minister said on the evening of April 17.

"Iran's enemies, especially Israel, must understand that any Action taken against the Islamic Republic will be met with a powerful and destructive response." Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a solemn event in Tehran to commemorate Army Day.

"Any mistake by Israel will lead to the destruction of Tel Aviv and Haifa," Raisi emphasized at the event.

Iranian president urged U.S. and other states to send military contingents to the Middle East to immediately withdraw their troops.

"The Iranian military presence in the region is a guarantee of peace and stability, the Military presence of other countries only destabilizes the situation," Added.

Typically, the parade is used to display offensive weapons, including Surface-to-surface missiles, but this year the focus was on surface-to-surface missile systems. land and sea air defense, including radar stations. Different types of drones were also presented to the public.

"These calls come from Tehran. Our duty is to stop the forces of wrong as quickly as possible. Our borders. Anyone who dares to Raising your hand against us will be severely rejected," he said.

Iran is planning a drone attack on cargo ships Israeli-owned civilians on the high seas. According to information received by the publication of its own sources, the US military command and the Israeli intelligence agencies believe the IRGC is planning the attack. The shipping routes in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea are considered to be the areas of higher risk.

This information is confirmed to some extent by the statement of an "advisor". politician" anonymous close to IRGC leaders.

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