Harry Potter returns, HBO prepares a series that will adapt the 7 books

HBO Max will make a new series adapted from the Harry Potter books


HBO has had a more than inspiring day, because in the last hours it has been confirmed that he is working on a new Game of Thrones project, but now it has just announced plans for another of the franchises, Warner Bros.

It is confirmed that the production company is preparing a Harry reboot series Potter that will bring to the 7 books of J.K. Rowling.

Although there is no release date yet, we know that each volume of the saga It will serve as the basis for a season. With a minimum of seven seasons for the Finally, fans will be able to immerse themselves once again in the magical world of Hogwarts.

The big question for all fans is whether the original actors They will be part of the cast of this new series. While it seems unlikely that Radcliffe, Grint or Watson play their main characters, could appear. However, Watson has moved away from the industry. film and is unlikely to return for this new adaptation.

Who most agrees with a remake of Harry Potter is Rupert Grint. In In an interview with Variety, he said that "he would love to see Harry Potter. turned into a series" and that "it could really work". In addition, he clarified that it would be difficult for him to see someone else play Ron, that it would be "difficult", but also that it would be "nice" to see his successor.

The production is a series that will have 7 seasons in total and each One of his installments will adapt a different book. It was also revealed that the author J.K. Rowling will be interested in the project, but not as showrunner or writer, would be a consultant to ensure that the scripts are faithful to the original material.

The acquisition of Warner Bros. Discovery has led to reboots of some of its most important products, such as DC Comics, which is also the way in A new adaptation of The Lord of the Rings was recently announced. Now it's Harry Potter's turn to expand the brand beyond its films. Blockbuster.

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