Gerard Piqué granted custody of the children for house

Piqué became the most hated person in show business


There is no doubt that Piqué became the most hated person in the world of show after being unfaithful to Shakira with Clara Chía Martí, 24.

This caused the separation of the couple after 11 years of relationship and two children, but also brought much criticism to the former athlete for his attitude, the which has been much criticized.

After the images of the singer leaving Spain and hand in hand with Milan and Sasha went viral, it didn't take long for new speculation to emerge on why he made the unexpected decision, as we assume he would expect a One more day to settle down and settle in Miami with his family.

One of them has to do with a "letter up the sleeve" of his former stepfather in which, according to the Spanish press, Joan Piqué reminded the singer that I had to leave the villa located in Esplugues de Llobregat, before 30 of April, otherwise they would have to pay a fee stipulated in the contract they signed when they decided to live next to each other.

But recently, it was leaked to the networks that the real reason why The Colombian left the house where she raised her children is because her ex returned to Remind you of the agreement they made after giving your consent. Custody full of the children only if he granted them legal ownership of his house in Spain.

With that, he remains the athlete ranked among the "worst men", Well, he has not hesitated to leave aside the family he formed with the artist Colombian, nor everything that their children suffer after this separation by infidelity and even seems to him that it doesn't matter what his current partner thinks of their actions and their future, it is increasingly uncertain, since less and less He believes that relationship will thrive.

The famous portal The Pop Tingz has reviewed the recent statements of the former FC Barcelona player on all the negative comments he has received and has not forgotten to call him "unfaithful".

"I'm very disappointed with what the company is. So my ex is Latino... You don't know what I got on social media from his fans. These people don't have life," they wrote.

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