Drake Bell has already been located alive

Drake Bell was found alive after being reported missing after talking about abuse in Hollywood


In recent hours, Drake Bell has been reported missing by the police, but has since been found alive and out of danger.

"Agents are looking for Jared Bell, born 27/06/1986. You will travel in a BMW grey 2022 and its last known location is potentially the area of Continental High School on 12/04/2023, just before 9:00 p.m. be missing and in potential danger," the statement read.

The actor's disappearance comes weeks after he exposed the Hollywood horrors through YouTuber's "Creative" podcast Monterrey Roberto Martinez.

"That's what my new album is about. Being fed up with Hollywood and what it has done for me and for the people I know. (...) There are people who tragically ended up with his life and couldn't get out. There are really sad stories," confessed the singer.

Actor Drake Bell has already been seen. The Police Department itself Daytona Beach updated information about her disappearance and gave it to Meet at 13:26 hours. (US time) April 13 for sure. "In this At the moment, we can confirm that the police are in contact."

The letter does not offer further details, in what condition he was or where. Previously, this same institution had warned that the 36-year-old actor He could be "in danger", so he had invited the inhabitants to Provide all kinds of information to help you find it.

Despite Bell fans' desire to know what happened to the As an interpreter, the causes are still unknown. The police department has not released more news about it and as for Drake, at the moment not has issued no statement. However, you must do so through your social networks.

It should be noted that the past few years have not been easy for the former star of Nickelodeon. Well, he has been involved in several scandals and one of them is child abuse.

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