DeSantis threatens Disney with retaliation

DeSantis and Walt Disney World clash over new laws, a Prison near the park


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis threatened Monday to build a prison or a competing theme park near the Magic Kingdom or raise taxes at Walt Disney World as revenge against the company for resisting a statewide acquisition of its Special District tax.

The standoff between Florida and its largest employer began last year. When the State passed a new law limiting classroom instruction on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. Disney opposed the law and pledged to help repeal it.

DeSantis responded by taking aim at the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The On Thursday, DeSantis said Disney could "walk away" if it didn't like the way it was that the state was managed.

Describing his plan, the Florida Republican said the legislature GOP-controlled state would take steps to "reverse officially" Disney's attempts to maintain control of the district to through last-minute maneuvers.

DeSantis said lawmakers will move forward with a bill that "makes that people realize that they cannot place their business above the will of the people of Florida."

DeSantis moved this year to take over the Reedy Improvement District Creek, the special tax district that for half a century gave Disney the control of the land surrounding its Central Florida theme parks, and to seat his political allies on the District Oversight Board. However, in February, Disney reached an agreement with the outgoing board that It seemed to leave the body without the power to control the giant of the entertainment.

DeSantis also said the new board that oversees the U.S. Disney will meet Wednesday to "make sure Disney is held accountable." An agenda for the meeting posted online says the council will consider dismiss existing staff and take over the supervision of the Development in the district.

The board, made up of five DeSantis appointees, also instruct the team to comply with an investigation conducted by the State Inspector General. DeSantis ordered the investigation earlier this year. this month.

Later Monday, DeSantis suggested the state could build a prison or your own theme park near Walt Disney World.

"Come to think of it, people say, 'Well, what are we supposed to do? with this land?'" said DeSantis. "Maybe create a state park. Maybe try to make more amusement parks. They need another state prison." I mean, who knows? I think the possibilities are endless."

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