Blow up the world's largest space rocket

SpaceX's Starship rocket lifts off, but explodes in midair


On the morning of this Thursday, April 20, the history of travel was marked Space. The world's largest Starship rocket blasted off from its base in the Texas coast for its first test flight. The event took place before the transport of people and goods to the orbit of Earth, the Moon and Mars.

It was designed to allow the transport of goods and passengers to orbit. Earth, the Moon, Mars and beyond. The spaceship (called Starship) is It will use for orbital launches with a first stage, the booster Super Heavy, serving, as well as a two-stage launcher in orbit.

The superrocket, composed of a fully integrated ship (Starship) and a propeller (Super Heavy Rocket), managed to take off on this occasion after the attempt failed on Monday, when technicians from billionaire Elon's company Musk aborted when they detected the pressurization of a valve was frozen.

Although takeoff was successful, stage separation failed and exploded. Without However, getting to this point is an important step. Videos shared on Social media shows the incident.

The expected large payload of up to 150,000 kg would make it a launcher super heavy. Starship claims to be the most powerful rocket in human history and the first 100% reusable orbital rocket.

About two and a half minutes after liftoff, the rocket Superheavy would burn most of its fuel and separate from the Starship spaceship, letting the rocket be thrown into the ocean. The Spacecraft would use its own engines, which ran for more than six years. minutes, to propel itself to speeds close to orbit.

"With a test like this, success comes from what we learn, and the proof today will help us improve Starship's reliability while SpaceX seeks to make life multiplatinum," SpaceX said. in a tweet after the explosion.

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