Biden tells officials he will definitely run by 2024

According to Joe Biden, there is a possibility of the next candidacy for 2024


President Joe Biden often wonders what he could accomplish in a second Advisers and allies say who have spoken with him, but have not expressed No urgency to formally launch a campaign that will give him four years more in office.

This issue came to the fore this week when former President Donald Trump He dominated the conversation and captured all the attention with his criminal indictment in New York. And the Democratic Party has largely supported Biden. especially since last fall's midterm elections.

The president has yet to decide on a campaign manager, or whether the venue of his campaign should be in Philadelphia or Wilmington, Delaware. Also, not He set a date to formalize his candidacy for re-election.

"In what I think is the unlikely possibility that I will ultimately decide not to Running this time, you'll have to do it soon for other candidates to can enter the arena and be competitive," said Sen. Chris Coons, D-Delaware.

The president has been famous for his decades-long consideration in the public service, often postponing important decisions until the last minute.

But the postponement of the re-election announcement is based on considerations Much more practical, his advisers say, focusing on issues first governments such as raising the debt ceiling and avoiding being left behind.

"He is not about to serve a second term, but he is not in a hurry to run again," the Democratic adviser said.

Biden has told several elected officials in private conversations. that he will definitely run, he told one person a few weeks ago, But he has been less open about when he will make the official announcement.

"President Biden has made it clear that he intends to run, And his goal is to finish the work he's doing for families. Americans: Continue to bring in manufacturing from abroad, reduce even plus the deficit by charging the rich what they earn and defending basic rights like freedom of choice," White House spokesman Andrew said. Bates.

That made two nods he made recently about a possible Nominations were even more notable. In an event where he presented the Medals Nationals of Arts and Humanities at the White House last month.

Biden said some people were "ready to run" and, pointing out, noting novelist Colson Whitehead's two Pulitzer Prizes, he said he himself He was "looking for back-to-back awards."

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