Zelensky invites Xi Jinping to Ukraine

Zelenskyj invites Xi Jinping to Ukraine and warns that the fall of Bakhmut could lead to a Russian invasion


In an interview with the Associated Press (AP) published Tuesday, the president Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky officially invited Chinese leader Xi Jinping to visit Ukraine, warning him that Bakhmut's expulsion could increase the International support for the Russian invasion.

During Xi's state visit to Moscow earlier this month, a Ukrainian official said talks with China were "ongoing" to arrange a call between Xi and Zelensky to discuss the proposal of Beijing peace.

Kiev has already publicly called on Beijing to join a peace process planned by Ukraine to end the war.

Speaking to the AP from a train somewhere in Ukraine, Zelensky invited Xi, who remains one of the most important economic and political allies. close to President Vladimir Putin, to Kiev and had direct talks with him. they.

"We're ready to see him here. I want to talk to him. I had contact with him before the war. But all this year, more than a year, I haven't," he said. Zelensky.

Speaking of the months-long battle for Bakhmut, Zelensky warned of a defeat it would boost Russia's propaganda effort and encourage Putin to "pressure" more aggressively.

By addressing Washington's role in military aid to Ukraine, avoiding any reference to the 2024 presidential election and a possible Zelensky reiterated that if the United States withdraws its support, Kiev "will not win the war."

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