What happened to the kidnapped Americans in Matamoros, Mexico?

What happened to two of the 4 Americans who survived a kidnapping in Matamoros, Mexico?


On Friday, March 3, four U.S. citizens were assaulted and kidnapped by armed men in Matamoros, Tamaulipas state, in northeastern Mexico.

According to the FBI, the U.S. citizens, who were driving a pickup truck White registered in North Carolina, were attacked after entering the border town of Matamoros.

Two Americans died in the ordeal, while McGee and Eric Williams survived and was taken to a Texas hospital to receive treatment.

"I was crying," Burgess said. "I asked him how he was, he was fine but He was crying because his brother had been killed. She watched him die. He saw two of the they. They died in front of her."

The bodies of victims Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown were found by Mexican authorities on the Tuesday after his abduction on Friday.

The official also said the cause of death has yet to be revealed and more details will be released later today.

Eric Williams' wife spoke with her husband by phone Tuesday at the time. tomorrow when he was taken to a Texas hospital where he was operated on to treat their wounds.

Williams is one of two Americans who survived a kidnapping. last week in Matamoros, Mexico.

"I was happy to hear his voice," he said. Williams said he had been shot twice on the leg and once on the other. He should be able to walk, he added.

Lopez Obrador's appointed security secretary told a news conference. Mexican officials were in "constant communication" with U.S. officials, including the U.S. ambassador. in Mexico, Ken Salazar, while the investigation and investigation were current. Search for kidnapped Americans.

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