Violent clashes against Napoli against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Champions League

Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt ultras clash before the match of the Champions League


Violent clashes were recorded on Wednesday in the city of Naples between police and several fans, prior to the match between Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt of Germany, for the knockout stages of the League Champions.

The local press described this violent episode as "urban warfare". Chaos provoked mass terror among citizens who had to take refuge in buildings and a church in the area.

It all started when a large group of ultras from the local team picked up the 600 German fans who were traveling despite the ban on entering the Diego Armando Maradona stadium for the match that was to start at 17:00 hours.

In the first leg, played in Germany, there were also incidents, so whereas the Italian authorities decided to ban the sale of tickets to the residents of Frankfurt. However, around 600 fans of the national team The German arrived in the southern Italian city on Tuesday night and they even threatened to tear up a mural of Maradona.

Despite the reaction of the Local Police, which reinforced the security operation With more troops, the controls failed to prevent incidents. Until At the moment, there is no official data on the number of civilians detained and Wounded.

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