They shot at the premises of the family of Messi's wife

This is the threatening message that he left in a local of relatives of Messi's wife


In the early hours of Thursday, March 2, there was an armed attack against the family supermarket of Antonela Rocuzzo, wife of Lionel Messi. The fact It set off alarms about the danger that the current world champion would run.

The attackers left a message: "Messi, we are waiting for you. Javkin is a Drug dealer, he won't take care of you."

Local media stressed that the incident occurred around 3 o'clock in the tomorrow, when at least two people fired firearms and left a Role on public roads. As for Javkin's name, he would be the mayor/mayor of the city of Rosario.

At least a dozen shots would have been fired. As for the Commercial facilities, are managed daily by the cousin of Antonela.

Referring to the attack, the mayor of Rosario criticized the lack of protection that suffer the national authorities in the city located about 300 kilometers away north of Buenos Aires.

"Where are those who have to take care of us? Here it is clear that those who have weapons and have the capacity to do criminal investigations no, and it is very It is easy for any gang to generate this fact," the official told journalists.

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