The new suspicions about the origin of covid-19

FBI assesses whether virus was a lab leak


While there is no consensus in US intelligence on the origin of The Covid-19 pandemic, some voices insisted this week that everything it started in a laboratory in Wuhan.

China on Tuesday dismissed new U.S. suggestions that the COVID-19 pandemic may have been the result of a laboratory leak, arguing that Beijing had been "open and transparent" about its work to unravel the mystery of the origins of the virus.

FBI Director Christopher Wray said in an interview with Fox News that Tuesday that his agency is among those who believe the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus was "probably" caused by a leak of a Wuhan laboratory.

"The FBI has long maintained that the origins of the pandemic They are probably in a possible incident in a laboratory in Wuhan," Wray said.

"I'm just pointing out that the Chinese government, it seems to me, has done everything possible to try to frustrate and obscure the work being done Here, the work we're doing, the work the government American and make close foreign partners and is a disgrace to everyone," he added.

China, for its part, claims to have "shared the most data from Virus tracking and research findings and conducted important contributions to global virus tracking research," said one Spokesperson on Tuesday. from the Ministry to journalists. Foreign Minister Mao Ning Mao during his daily press conference.

Mao Ning, spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry, said its conclusion was "authoritarian and scientific" and that the World Organization of Health and Chinese experts arrived jointly based on visits field. in the corresponding laboratories in Wuhan.

"Relevant parties must stop raising discussions about leaks of Stop slandering China and stop politicizing the issue of origin of the virus," Mao said.

A World Health Organization expert group said last year that "meaningful data" to explain how the pandemic began was lacking. The scientists cited the necessary avenues of research, including Studies evaluating the role of wild animals and environmental scans of places where the virus may have first spread.

White House officials declined to confirm the information on Monday. John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, said there was "simply no consensus in the intelligence community" on the origin of the virus.

Some scientists are open to the theory of laboratory leakage, but Many believe that the virus originated in animals, mutated and jumped to humans, as other viruses have done in the past.

This further widens the divide within the U.S. government over whether the COVID-19 pandemic began in China as a result of a leak of laboratory or if it occurred naturally.

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