Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro describe their love distorting the bolero

Rosalía and Rauw join in music and release their new songs Beso, Vampiros and Promise


The pair released three songs, the first by the duo RR, including one featuring a Video explaining the purpose of collaboration

Romance, eroticism and sex, that's what the lyrics of RR songs are about, the duo formed by Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, as everyone knows, are a couple sentimental for some years. His first three songs (Kiss, Vampires and Promise) can be heard from midnight on digital platforms.

In addition to knowing that his house, back in Miami, "smells of tobacco and melon", We listened to two reggaeton-based songs with interesting sound sausages and A twisted and original bolero, with a surprising ending.

Three pieces with little flamenco and that in the hands and voices of another duo would overflow sugar, but which by themselves sound like a whole, well connected to each other, always prioritizing music and avoiding individual flirting.

As noted, RR's songs tell a story of their own: "It's like The phases of love. One deals with the past, one with the present and one with the future.

The same goes for the three songs, composed and written by the two and with production assistance from Noah Goldstein, Dylan Patrice and Zorro. At the moment they only recorded the video of "Beso"

Singer Rosalia receives an engagement ring from her boyfriend, Rauw Alejandro, at the end of the video for the song "Beso", a scene with which the Spanish and Puerto Rican have revolutionized their followers in networks.

In the image Rosalia is seen crying while showing a ring of stones He says "Oh my God! And all the mascara here run!", after which Kiss the trap singer, who is recording the moment with his mobile.

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