Donald Trump accused of more than 30 crimes

Trump Won't Accept Plea Agreement, Plans to File 'Challenges' substantial legal action" against the prosecution


Daniels claims she had an affair with Trump when he was married and They paid for him not to say anything. The payment itself wouldn't be illegal, but it seems that Trump recorded it as a trade expense. In New York, counterfeiting of commercial information is illegal.

"It's unthinkable what the Democrats did: impeach a person. completely innocent of a clear act of electoral interference. Never before In the history of our country something like this had happened," reads the Statement published by the former president.

"A witch hunt" and "the biggest election meddling in history" by United States.

Details of the charges have not yet been released, but Trump reacted. He quickly broke the news, and even criticized the district attorney of Manhattan, Alvin Bragg, for accusing him.

He said he was "doing Joe Biden's dirty work," referring to the Current President.

Former President Donald Trump will not accept a plea deal over the Indictment filed by a Manhattan grand jury, but plans to start "substantial proceedings" against prosecutors, attorney Joe said. Tacopina.

"Former President Trump is not going to accept a plea deal in this case. It's not going to happen," Tacuna said.

"I don't know if he's going to trial because we have important legal challenges that we owe. address before you get to that," Tacopina said when asked if he plans Take the case to court.

Trump will "absolutely" voluntarily surrender to law enforcement Manhattan, the defense attorney said, adding that the former president "does not know. will hide in Mar-a-Lago."

In response to reports that Trump has been indicted on more than 30 counts Related to commercial fraud, Tacopina said it did not know the nature of the charges against Trump or how many, but he added: "If it's correct, it means who caught every transaction, every check, every payment, every receipt, and They charged a separate fee."

Tacopina said he didn't know when the charges would be dropped, but suggested it "probably will be Tuesday."

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