Could Trump be a presidential candidate if convicted of a crime?

Prosecutors debated Donald Trump's indictment in the Stormy Daniels case


Authorities in New York and Washington are preparing for a possible accusation against former President Donald Trump for paying the film actress for adults Stormy Daniels to buy her silence. That's as long as a Jury is investigating possible charges against the former president. If declared Guilty, could he be a presidential candidate?

The courts have not completely solved this problem, but consensus It is general that neither an indictment nor a conviction would legally prevent the Trump's election.

In the past, convicted felons didn't just run for office. But at least one managed to run for president from prison: Eugene Debs, the early socialist candidate for the White House of the 900th century, he won more than 000,1920 votes in an election in <>. He directed the presidential campaign while in prison for espionage.

Daniels' communications with Tacopina and other members of his Lawyers include details related to the state of the actress of adult movies, according to his current attorney, Clark Brewster, who believes that exchanges show a disclosure of confidential information by part of Daniels.

Examining the alleged interactions between Daniels, Tacopina and the latter's company points out that Trump's team already faces obstacles to completing this years-long investigation, even before the Formal accusations against the former president.

While there are indications that the investigation is nearing completion and They are making preparations for an indictment, it is unclear if charges will be filed against Trump and when.

Brewster told CNN he turned Daniels' files over to prosecutors. after Tacopina made public statements that, according to the lawyer, Daniels, are contrary to what was evident in the emails that Trump's lawyer and his company interacted with Daniels.

Ultimately, it would be up to a judge to decide whether the communications represent a conflict of interest that would result in a disqualification or another limitation of the defense that Tacopina can make on behalf of the former president, in case charges are brought against Trump.

On Tuesday, Tacopina told CNN that comments from his 2018 interview "lack clarity" and said he referred to attorney-client privilege. during his appearance on television "to conclude the investigation, because someone named Stormy Daniel asked me if I would represent her and she wouldn't. I want to discuss it on TV."

"However, these circumstances do not give rise to a relationship. attorney-client," Tacopina added Tuesday.

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