Candida Auris, the fungus that spreads at an alarming pace in the United States

Candida auris, this fungus is resistant to drugs and spreads in Medical Assistance Centers


Cases of "Candida auris" doubled in 2021, according to the latest data from the U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention American diseases). It is a fungus that causes serious infections that They spread in health care facilities.

It should be mentioned that the number of cases resistant to "Equine" also tripled the treatment of "Candida auris" infections, according to the same health agency itself.

Last Monday, the annals of the Journal of Internal Medicine evaluated the cases of "Candida auris" that the CDC reported in 2016, or the first indications of this condition in the United States; And then they compared them. with those registered in 2021.

Study authors found that cases were considered an increase. considerable, because in 2016, only 53 were registered; And for 2018, this issue it was already 330; In 2019, the figure was drawn at 476; And until 2021, there were already 1,471.

Initially, the cases were concentrated in Chicago and New York; And now "Candida auris" is present in more than half of the United States.

CDC guidance has revealed that "Candida auris" can cause "infections blood and other types, especially in patients authorized in hospitals and elderly homes with many medical problems."

According to the agency, it is estimated that more than one in three patients die in a month after receiving the diagnosis of an invasive infection for "Candida auris."

Antimony drugs commonly used to treat other infections by Candida usually have no effect on "Candida auris". Certain Isolates of this fungus are resistant to the three main classes of antifungal drugs.

As if that wasn't enough, it's hard to spot "Candida auris" at unless specialized laboratory methods are used. When this fungus is identifies or diagnoses, "it is essential to begin measures to stop your spread and prevent epidemics",

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