Venezuelan jockey lost his arms in a train accident in Mexico

Venezuelan jockey prospect lost his arms after falling on train tracks in Mexico bound for the United States


Yosenyer Serrano, a 29-year-old Venezuelan migrant who lost both arms after an accident while attempting to enter the United States via Mexico. He is currently hospitalized in Ciudad Juárez.

Police said the young man, who had been a professional jockey in Venezuela, He fell off the moving train. The incident occurred on February 6, according to Mexican portals.

They specify that Serrano took advantage of a train stop to get fresh air. The representative of the agents of the runners of the racecourse of La Rinconada, Wilmer Collazo, explained on social networks that, when bending down, the train returned to start and made a sudden movement, which caused him to lose the balance and fall on the tracks.

He "got under the train and managed to lie on his side, but his arms didn't. They were there. That was the tragic part of the accident," he said. He added that a Once he returned to the track, the train never stopped, so the group to which He helped had to walk two hours in the desert to take Serrano to a Health center.

Collazo said the pilot underwent surgery and is currently stable at a hospital in Ciudad Juárez. He added that he remains sedated and receiving treatment. psychological with analgesics and antidepressants. He asked the president of the National Institute of Hippodromes (INH),  Antonio Álvarez, to support Serrano with your medical expenses.

Yosenyer Serrano from the El Torrellas Sector of Carora, Lara State. It was formed as professional pilot and in 2014 achieved one of the best results of his career with 52 wins. The following year he added 46 wins and 42 in 2016, continuing being one of the greatest hopes of the Venezuelan equestrian. However He went through a difficult period soon after, with just five wins between 2018 and 2021, according to the Meridian portal.

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