Tom Brady announces his retirement

Tom Brady finally decides to retire completely


The most successful quarterback in NFL history and one of the best athletes in team sports, posted the announcement on social media Early Wednesday morning, a short video that lasted just under a minute, announcing his retirement.

"Hey guys. Let's cut to the chase, I'm leaving. Forever." Brad said.

A year ago, when he was retiring, he announced it in a long message on Instagram. But about six weeks later, he decided to return for another walk. The The Buccaneers (with whom he won the Super Bowl two seasons ago) returned to the playoffs this season, despite losing Game 1. At that time, doubts arose about whether Brady would play again. A few weeks later, Brady Answered.

"I know the process was important last time, so when I woke up This morning I thought the best thing I could do was to start recording the video. and let them know," Brady says in the video. . "I won't prolong it. In life, a Long attempt is all it takes to announce the recall, and I used mine last year.

"I really appreciate each and every one of you for supporting me. To my family, my friends, my teammates, my competitors. I could go on and Follow, there are so many people. Thank you all for allowing me to fulfill my dream total." I wouldn't change anything, I love you all.

Brady leads the NFL in air yards (89,214) and touchdowns (649). It is the only one player who has won more than five Super Bowls and was MVP five times.

He is a three-time NFL MVP, three-time All-Pro and 15-time Pro Bowl.

Last year it was announced that when Brady retires from the sport, he will join Fox Sports as an analyst on a 10-year, $375 million contract.

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