The dream job in every country in the world

The map of the most coveted professions in the world

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

The world is constantly evolving, which can happen, for example, in The professions that everyone dreams of, because in recent years they have New professions appeared that have caused a sensation and many people they want to be able to dedicate themselves to them with guarantees of building a future and earning to live doing what you love most.

The Remitly page produced a career map from Google's search results. How to become a professional (x profession). With this information, this page shows a very complete and curious map that leaves surprises, because in States United the most coveted career is that of pilot and in Spain they dream of being influencers.

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

Esta nueva profesión es también la más soñada en países como Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras y Uruguay. Lo que es aún más curioso es que es la profesión "líder" solo en los países de habla hispana.

  1. Piloto: 930.630 búsquedas
  2. Escritor: 801.200 búsquedas
  3. Bailarín: 278.720 búsquedas
  4. Youtubers: 195.070 búsquedas
  5. Emprendedor: 178.380 búsquedas
  6. Actor: 176.180 búsquedas
  7. Influenciadores: 159.180 búsquedas
  8. Planificador: 125.310 búsquedas
  9. Cantante: 121.430 búsquedas
  10. Maestro: 114.950 búsquedas
  11. DJ: 112,360 searches
  12. Blogger: 104,600 searches
  13. Medical: 104,080 searches
  14. Teacher: 91,400 surveys
  15. Flight attendant: 88,240 searches
  16. Firefighter: 84,300 searches
  17. Judge: 83,800 searches
  18. Lawyer: 79,470 searches
  19. Lawyer: 74,030 searches
  20. Psychologist: 66,750 searches

Similar jobs, such as youtuber or blogger, are also among the preferences of many, as well as others related to the public sector, as a teacher, doctor or firefighter. On the other hand, the occupational sector more Demanded in the world is the "art and culture" sector, with professions such as dancer (the third most coveted choice), actor, singer or disc jockey among the ten preferred alternatives.

This type of study shows that adults also dream of the world. work, or at least they are curious. Some results may surprise you, but Google searches today represent very well the people's interests.

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