Sergio Ramos resigns and announces his forced retirement

Sergio Ramos closes with the Spanish team after the obligatory end of his race


Sergio Ramos will no longer wear the shirt of the Spanish football club, the central Andalusian, who was in the group stage to return to the Spanish national team with the arrival of Luis de la Fuente, he said goodbye this Thursday (24-02- 2023)

It was a cold shower for the player who, despite his 36 years, He continues to play at a high level in his national team and believes he can continue to defending Spain with honors.

Thus, Ramos went from believing that he could still have a place in the selection to To continue making history, to be kicked out the back door. A huge and Painful disappointment that the player expressed in his harsh statement.

"I humbly believe that this career deserved to end by a personal decision. or because my performance did not live up to what our deserved. selection, but not because of age or any other reason," Camero said.

The Federation considered excessive the reaction of the player to the aggressions to De la Fuente, but the cameraman did not hide what he felt.

On March 26, 2005, an 18-year-old Sevillian debuted with the national team Spanish football, in a friendly that La Roja won 3-0 to China. That day the legend of Sergio Ramos began to take shape.

Sergio Ramos is the player who has already worn the shirt of the Spanish national team, and in 180 games with Spain, Ramos won everything. Formed part of Spain's 'Tiki Taka' who won the 2008 European Cup, the Cup the 2010 World Cup and the 2012 European Cup. But he didn't get recognition. only in the form of titles.

The reasons that led De Camas to resign from La Roja revolve around the decision of Luis de la Fuente, coach of the Spanish national team, not to Count on the veteran player.

"The time has come, the time to say goodbye to the national team, our Dear and enthusiastic incarnate. This morning I received a call from the current Technical director of the National Team telling me that it does not count and that it will not count. of me, whatever level I can show or how I develop my sports career," begins his letter.

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