Putin suspends Russia's participation in the New START nuclear disarmament treaty

Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow would withdraw from the agreement limiting the Nuclear capability


Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed both houses of parliament in his State of the Union address, which focused on the situation of war in Ukraine. In his speech, he announced that Moscow would withdraw from the agreement. with the United States, which limited both nuclear capabilities.

The Russian president has made it clear that his country will not first intensify the It will be prepared if the United States conducts the tests.

While assuring that they will pursue their goals in Eastern Europe step by step and that defeat is impossible. Finally, he pointed the finger at the West. as responsible for the escalation in Ukraine and stressed that the existence of Russia was at stake.

Putin stressed that the Kremlin would not withdraw from the agreement, but would instead withdraw from the agreement. I would stay on the sidelines for the time being. "I am obliged to announce today that Russia suspend its participation in the Strategic Offensive Arms Treaty", Said.

On the role of the West, Putin guaranteed that his commitment to peace was "a error" and a "cruel lie." Without adding evidence, the Russian president returned to insist that nuclear and biological weapons be stored in Kiev.

"Ukraine and Donbass have become the symbol of lies brazen," he said, accusing the West of retracting "agreements." fundamental" and to make "hypocritical statements".

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