Is the United States preparing for an alien invasion?

In the face of more frequent UFO sightings, the United States takes new measures in the face of a possible invasion


The three unidentified objects (UFOs, in the traditional acronym) that the United States shot down while flying over North America on Valentine's Eve aroused alarm and also the collective imagination.

Some say states have a military plan in case we are invaded by aliens. Without elaborating, retired US Army Col. Manuel Supervielle told CNN in 2019 that there is a "contingency plan" for the case.

Some publications go further and claim that specific training is conducted for the elite forces of the US military focused on fighting space enemies.

Publications such as Futurism or Seeker attribute to a squadron called "space aggressors" (belonging to the United States Space Force -USSF-) a training function against the extraterrestrial threat. It is a special force based at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado and plays the role of "enemy" in very demanding exercises.

In reality, and in addition to the fact that this squadron of the Schriever base is conducting training exercises with the hypothesis of an alien invasion, the objective is that the US military can face a battle in space or for control from space. And basically that means controlling alien attack satellites, North Koreans, Chinese or whatever.

It would make sense for every nation on the planet to unite in the face of an extraterrestrial threat. So said Gorbachev and Reagan (then leaders of the United States and the Soviet Union, respectively) in 1985 at a summit in the Swiss city of Geneva.

Gorbachev revealed the conversation in a 2009 interview. Ronald Reagan asked him, "What would you do if America was suddenly attacked by someone from outer space?" Do you want to help us? The then leader of the USSR replied: "Without a doubt." And the American president responding: "So do we."

The reality is that apparently no government has a serious plan to receive extraterrestrials, whether in times of peace or war. British astrophysicist Martin Dominik had already denounced it in 2010 during a conference at the Royal Society. According to Nature, the scientist asked the United Nations to develop a protocol in this regard.

There is not even a consensus within the scientific community on what to do if we receive an extraterrestrial message.

"There is a huge debate within the entire scientific community about whether or not we should fight back," John Eliot, co-chair of the UK's Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research Network, told The Daily Mail Guardian.

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