Is the No Limits Fun video titled Daisy's Destruction real or a fantasy?

Is the Dark Net snuff video created by No Limits Fun real or a caption?

Daisy's Destruction is a child pornography video created in 2012. It was distributed on Dark Net, under a company called "No Limits Fun", and sold for $10,000.

The video shows the torture, rape, sexual and psychological abuse of three girls, Liza (12 years old), Cindy (11 years old) and Daisy (18 months old). Children were kidnapped, burned, abused, deprived of their basic necessities such as food and hygiene, and whipped. He also forced them to dig their own grave, as a kind of emotional abuse, while raping them repeatedly.

Its violent content caught the attention of the public, so much so that it was considered an urban legend for a long time. The flow of attention has been so important that several international bodies have taken up the case.


Peter Gerard "The American" Scully (January 13, 1963) After leaving escort service on the island of Mindanao, Scully created a child pornography distribution network. Using pay-per-view and under the alias "No Limits Fun" (NLF), he made thousands of dollars by offering videos of extreme torture and rape to the girls he held captive. Two of her friends, Liezyl Margallo and Carme Ann Alvarez, along with other friends such as Maria Dorothea Chi and Chia, were actively involved in creating the videos, often torturing Scully's own victims.

Carme and Liezyl lured the girls from the slums, luring them with food only to be kidnapped by Peter and receive a sum of money for doing so. Some parents gave their daughters with the promise of food, education and a better life.

No matter how gruesome and gruesome the material was, the investigation was not going to be easy. Peter Scully and his associates are said to have done a good job covering his tracks, so much so that it took almost four years for the International Police to find him. Studying pixel by pixel, it was assumed that the initial location was Holland, to then redirect to the Philippines.

On February 20, 2015, Peter Gerard Scully was arrested in the city of Manila for possession and distribution of child pornography by Philippine police. With that came the convictions of Carme Ann Alvarez, Liezyl Margallo, Matthew David Graham and the trials of Christian Rouche, Alexander Lao, Althea Chia and Haniel Caetano de Oliveira.

The arrest and details of the case sparked international outrage. Many called for the reinstatement of the death penalty to convict Peter Scully, others called for stricter laws to stop the trafficking of child pornography in the Philippines, which is unfortunately quite common.

Margareth Akullo, a child abuse specialist and former project coordinator for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, described the case as "horrific" and "one of the worst I've ever had. I have met."

Scully was arrested in early 2015. While searching her home, they found videos of Daisy's Destruction along with other similar videos. As he admits, "he feels no remorse and that his actions can only be explained by a psychiatrist." Currently, despite serving life sentences, the Philippine authorities are considering reinstating the death penalty in the Asian country, which President Rodrigo Duterte has already suggested several times, to punish pedophile and murderer Peter Scully.

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