Explosion at metal plant leaves several injured in Ohio

Ohio metal plant explosion adds uncertainty after Toxic Train Accident


In Ohio, United States, there was a fire and explosion at a plant of metals in Oakwood Village, injuring at least a dozen people. The Injured, some with burns, were taken to hospital to be Attended.

Emergency crews rushed to the scene after a Loud noise shortly after 2 p.m. in the city.

Teams from different cities were sent to visit the property where they were finds I. Schumann, which produces copper alloys.

At least 13 people were taken to local hospitals after a explosion at a metallurgical plant near Oakwood, Ohio, according to the captain Brian DiRocco of the Oakwood Village Fire Department.

At least two people are in critical condition at MetroHealth Medical Center, according to Dorsena Drakeford, press specialist at the institution.

"Some windows in the neighboring building in front of us were broken, the cars were damaged and the debris on the ground caught fire," he said. Davis.

"Everyone was in shock and looking at their cars and the building where the smoke was coming out," Davis said. "We heard another little boom and everyone started. to get in their cars to leave or return to the work building by security."

It's unclear what caused the fire, a spokesman for the U.S. Department said. Twinsburg Firefighters.

The Twinsburg Fire Department is asking residents to Keep away from the area while teams continue to work.

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