Coffee helps keep blood pressure low

Studies confirm coffee is good for blood pressure problems

If until then coffee was a drink not recommended for hypertensives, today it has changed completely. According to an Italian study conducted by the University ofBologna and the IRCCS University Hospital of Bologna - Policlinico di Sant'Orsola, coffee helps keep blood pressure low.

The researchers collected samples from men and women, all of Italian nationality. Several factors, such as blood pressure levels and coffee drinking habits of each individual, were examined, along with other clinical data.

Arrigo Cicero, a professor at the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences at the University of Bologna, confirms that regular coffee drinkers have lower mean arterial pressure at the peripheral level. For the first time, such effects were also observed in central aortic pressure, the one closest to the heart.


What's good for blood pressure isn't caffeine, so it seems like the effects of decaffeinated coffee on blood pressure are the same as regular coffee. In fact, caffeine is not the only one that plays an active role in the biochemistry of coffee, since other substances act as a counterweight.

This study, which could pave the way for much more research, was published in the journal "Nutrients." The original title of the article is "Self-report of coffee consumption and central and peripheral blood pressure in the Brisighella Heart Study cohort." The authors mentioned in the article are: Arrigo Cicero, Federica Fogacci, Sergio D'Addato, Elisa Grandi, Elisabetta Rizzoli and Claudio Borghi.

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