A train derails in Texas and another in Ohio with chemical residues

Two derailed trains, one in Texas and one in Ohio, and an overturned truck, all with hazardous chemical waste, have put the United States on alert maxim


Several cars of a train carrying volatile and toxic materials exploded on February 3 when the vehicle derailed in the East Palestine, a city of about 5,000 people in Ohio, near the border with Pennsylvania.

Days after reports of a train carrying substances in Ohio, a second vehicle derailed again, this time in Houston, Texas. The Authorities said the train was carrying "hazardous materials" for the atmosphere and acted on the severity of the event.

Air quality is still being assessed in East Palestine, Ohio, then that a train carrying hazardous materials derailed on 3 February. Since Wednesday, the evacuated population has been able to return to their homes, but the inspection of homes continues.

Footage of the incident shows the 100-car train, operated by Norfolk Southern, was already in trouble. The video captured sparks underneath some cars, about 35 kilometers before reaching the place of the derailment. According to the authorities, the train presented a problem mechanical on the axles.

Of the 100 wagons carrying goods, about 20 were carrying hazardous materials, including vinyl chloride. According to the Department of Ohio Health, Inhaling High Levels of Vinyl Chloride Can cause loss of consciousness or even death if not found in a Well ventilated area.

Vinyl chloride is a synthetic chemical used primarily in production of PVC, a type of plastic used in panel construction insulation, floors, windows or, for example, credit cards.

The Transportation Safety Agency is investigating the accident, while the Federal Environment Agency continues to assess the air and water quality.

The way police kicked a reporter out of a press conference of the governor of Ohio on the matter generated controversy and a Research on the subject.

In this context, users of social networks did not stop expressing the Opinion that information about the case should be withheld.

Separately, the train derailed in Texas on Feb. 13 collided with a Heavy truck, whose driver died after colliding with the train. As for The train crew, no one was injured. Union Pacific, for its part, has Started monitoring air quality at the crash site to minimize the potential hazards these materials can cause.

So far it is unknown what materials the Union train was carrying. Pacific and the emerging information about it can shed light on the severity of the accident. So far, the company has not issued any another official statement and Texas authorities have not had to evacuate to no residents.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, an accident causes a dense toxic cloud due to a chemical spill, authorities have issued a hazardous materials warning and a "shelter-in-place" warning is in effect for everyone within a 1-mile radius in Tucson, Arizona after a truck carrying hazardous materials overturned on the road.

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