A huge iron ball appears off the coast of Japan

They restrict access to a beach in Japan by the appearance of a mysterious Iron ball


Police in Japan's Shizuoka prefecture restricted access to a beach in the city of Hamamatsu, on the southeast coast of the country, after will find a suspicious object. The object, similar to an iron ball of yellowish color and approximately 1.5 meters in diameter, it was found This morning by a neighbor in the area.

"So far, we don't know what the object is," the department told Sputnik. At the moment, the details of the incident are unknown.

Meanwhile, the Disaster Countermeasures Division of the Police Shizuoka Prefecture said it would inspect the balloon together with the Forces. of Japan Self-Defense and the Coast Guard.

The authorities, who have sent photos and images of the object to specialists of the Self-Defense Forces and Coast Guard, comb the area in case there is any other specimen and fear that it may be found. acts as a kind of mine Marine.

The surprising discovery follows the Chinese spy balloon which, according to reported, it was shot down by the United States in its airspace at the beginning of this month, as well as other unidentified objects that NASA has not ruled out that they have an extraterrestrial origin.

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