Ukraine receives Leopard 2 tanks from Poland

Poland announces it will send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

ivan rodriguez gelfenstein

The Polish government announced on Wednesday that it will supply Leopard 2 tanks from German-made Ukrainian forces fighting Russia afterwards of the 2022 invasion.

"A Leopard combat vehicle company will be delivered to Ukraine as part of building an international coalition," the president said. Polish Andrzej Duda during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Lviv.

Ukraine, which has a fleet of Soviet-designed tanks and, in some cases, of Soviet manufacture, has urged Western countries, especially NATO members, to send modern tanks. With this Armament hopes to be able to replenish losses, face Russian attacks and also organize counter-offensives, such as those carried out at Kherson and Kharkiv by the end of 2022, operations for which these weapons systems are the most suitable.

But while the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and many others Countries have sent numerous weapons systems, including anti-tank missiles, self-propelled artillery and anti-aircraft batteries, have so far refused to Supply tanks. Offensive base weapons.

In recent weeks, the United States and Germany even announced the shipment. of armoured vehicles superficially similar to tanks, but which, in Design, armament and armor, fulfill other functions on the battlefield. These are the Bradley and Marder infantry fighting vehicles, respectively.

The Leopard 2 was exported from Germany to several countries and used in fight against irregular forces in Afghanistan, the Balkans and Syria used by Turkey, but a possible deployment to Ukraine would be the first they would face Russian tanks like the T-72. T-80 and T-90.

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