Tiamat Eva Medusa is a dragon in a human body

A trans woman is becoming a dragon in America

Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

Tiamat Eva Medusa, a transgender woman from the state of Arizona, in the United States United, which became famous in the internet world for having undergone Surgical body modifications to look like a dragon.

There are people who spend the day looking for its meaning and try to do it as honest as possible according to your ideals, unfortunately in the Today's society It is common for them to suffer discrimination and rejection when they are not at odds with the traditional and conservative.

As The Indian Times reports, Eve claims to be a mythological being, a legend. of a thousand years ago, a dragon, and that his time on planet Earth as a being human is over.

"I think I'm a real reptilian creature, half human, half reptilian," Said.

Tiamat Eva Medusa has been gaining popularity on social media for a long time Several years, first started with basic body modifications such as piercings and blows to the forehead to look like he had horns like the devil, But lately he has gone for something more radical.

One of the major surgeries performed was the removal of the ears and nostrils to look more like the mythological creature.

In addition to the strange decision to remove parts of her body, Eve, who worked in a bank before becoming an internet celebrity, He also tattooed his eyes with green ink, implanted more horns, drew scales on the skin and cut half of the tongue.

To date, he has spent thousands of dollars on body modifications to Resemble more and more like a dragon.

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