They grabbed Tini Stoessel's navel and this is her reaction

Fan couldn't resist and grabbed Tini Stoessel's navel in the middle of the show

ivan  rodriguez gelfenstein

The "Flesh and bone" singer stood out for her beautiful lyrics and catchy melodies. But recently a video was leaked of a female fan who He couldn't resist touching his singer's navel, and there was no shortage of memes in Twitter.

Argentine singer Tini Stoessel, 25, has been criticized for her thinness; something that does not interest him and that has shown that those who make this Type of comments are just stereotypes because beauty is in the essence.

"For people who are worried about my belly button. It is a navel. Was born Like this... This is the navel I have and that's fine. I love him with all my heart." Said.

Tini's reaction was good, all the singer did was laugh at the situation, sing to him when he saw the fan and continue with the spectacular show.

The "Triple T" singer has downplayed any comments about her belly button, in addition to uploading photos to "Crop Tops" on their official Instagram page, where You can clearly see your particular puppy that you are showing.

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