The targets that Russia would attack in the event of World War III

Andrey Gurulyov indicates possible early targets if the Third breaks out World war


Andrey Gurulyov is the name of a retired Russian general, who is currently member of the Duma (parliament) and ominously claims that Russia is preparing for a "colossal great war". With precise objectives that would be destroyed in a very short time.

Gurulyov spoke this summer on the public broadcaster Russia-1 about the targets. of Putin in case World War III breaks out.

In another television broadcast, the retired general listed the possible countries that Russia might be forced to attack first: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

"We certainly wouldn't start with Paris, Warsaw or Berlin," Gurulyov told Russia-1. "The first success would have been London. It is very clear that the threat It comes from the Anglo-Saxons.

Sky News noted that Gurulyov points to Kaliningrad (the Russian city that belonged to Germany before 1945 and is currently an enclave bordering Lithuania and Poland) as a place of conflict between the blocs (Russia-EU/BORN). What It would precipitate a world war.

Kaliningrad is a Russian port enclave in the Baltic, between Poland and Lithuania, a NATO country This makes communications and supply are a complicated business for Russians.

In Kaliningrad there is the so-called Suwalki corridor, which connects the Russians with its ally Belarus, but it is also the only means of communication land between the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and the Union European (arrives on Polish territory) .

"No one would care if they were American or British. All we would see like NATO," says Gurulyov.

"As part of the operation to destroy critical targets, Europe The West would be cut off from its energy supplies and immobilized." said the former soldier. The Sun explains that, like many other Russian extremists, Gurulyov believes the European Union is too soft to participate in a real war.

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